“Sevoey….you legit made me cry!!!! Just WOW!!!! Thank you so much!!!! You made my dreams come true with those pics!! Tell me where to add my reviews and you will have 100,000 stars.”

Hey there!

My name is Sevoey Anderson and I’m a portrait photographer in good ol’ Lincoln, Nebraska. Nebraska is home, but I’m so DOWN to travel so don’t hesitate to reach out if you live elsewhere! You will receive authentic and beautiful moments to be cherished for a lifetime, all while enjoying every part of the process. Couples and seniors are my thing and I want to give you more than the JC-Penny’s “Say cheese!” (boring) photo. 

This is an experience you will look back on and show your grandkids, so let’s get out there and get some DOPE photos.

Are you ready to do the damn thing??
Book your session below or you can reach me at if you have any questions!